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Electric assist bicycles lead the way in the future? See how it develops at home and abroad.

  • Release date:04-08-2016
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    In recent years, in the European market, emerging elect […]

    In recent years, in the European market, emerging electric bicycles have sprung up. In the Netherlands, for example, according to the Dutch Industry Association, sales of electric bicycles in the Netherlands reached 276,000 in 2015, an increase of 24% compared with 2014. In the Netherlands, electric-assisted bicycles account for 28% of the total bicycle market, which means that one out of every four bicycles is an electric-assisted bicycle.

    Along with the increase in popularity and sales volume, major auto and spare parts companies have joined the electric bicycle camp. The scene of the booming seems to guide the future development of the bicycle market.

    The prosperity of electric bicycles in the European market is the spring that ushered in after a long period of sedimentation. In the past two years, there have also been national enterprises such as light passengers, Lu Tewei, Tianteng Power, and double-speed travel, which focus on the core technology of electric bicycles and the research and development of complete vehicle products.

    At the just-concluded Taipei Expo, which is known as the Asian bicycle industry's weather vane, the elements of electric bicycles are almost everywhere. At the exhibition, more and more riders will take the initiative to understand and experience electric bicycles. Taking the experience of Europe as a reference, there are indications that the domestic electric bicycle market seems to be coming out of the darkness before dawn and is about to usher in the light.

    So, what is the current development of electric bicycles in China? Let's take a look together.

    Do a good job of customer portraits and discover a broader market

    In general cognition, people will think that electric bicycles are more used for urban commuting, sharing the heat of the bicycle, after all, in order to solve the problem of urban transportation. But is electric bicycle really just a city transport tool?

    It is understood that in the mainland, such as the northwest of Gansu, the elderly cycling group is very large, and has a high riding enthusiasm and a certain spending power. But as the age grows, cycling gradually becomes powerless, and electric bicycles can just solve the pain points of users. Compared with Beishang Guangshen, although the level of economic consumption in the Mainland is still not so high, it does not mean that electric bicycles cannot be developed in the Mainland.

    Electric assist bicycles are not limited to urban travel, nor are they limited to the travel tools of young people. They can also be playthings for middle-aged and old people. The market for electric bicycles has unlimited possibilities, and what you know what you see now may be just a part of it.

    Product life is the focus of users

    In the interview survey, the top two for consumers' most concerned issues are the product's endurance and durability. At present, the domestic mainstream mountain electric bicycle bicycle battery life is usually between 100KM and 150KM, and the urban small wheel model is usually around 50KM.

    At present, the battery life of electric bicycles is mainly limited by the energy density of lithium batteries. The same volume of the battery pack, the higher the energy density of the internal single cell, the stronger the battery life, and of course the more expensive. Secondly, the performance of the motor, the adjustment of the assisting program, and the rolling resistance of the vehicle also have a certain impact on the battery life. In the case of the same battery capacity, it is necessary to look at the optimization of the electric power assist system. Lu Tewei recently introduced a detachable battery electric bicycle, which is convenient for users to charge in time to meet the riding demand. This is a good choice for urban travel and short-distance travel.

    Immersive experience

    Different people like different ways of playing, mountain and off-road vehicles have fun. In the face of electric bicycles, we have to admit that not everyone is willing to accept electric bicycles. Similarly, electricity Power-assisted bicycles are not for everyone. So how do you better promote our products to customers?

    First, we already know that you first need to have a clear understanding of your products and customers. Secondly, try to communicate with customers as much as possible to understand the real needs of customers, and even help customers to find pain points and product needs that they are not aware of. Finally, inviting customers to deep test rides and scenes into the law is far more effective and moving than the heap configuration.

    For example, for young people, there will be many choices for them. If you have good physical strength, you don't need electric power. But if you want to be convenient and labor-saving, the requirements are light and fast, no off-road, most of them are paved. On the road, occasionally going to the suburbs, then the electric bicycle will be his best choice.

    If you understand him again, you will find that in addition to these basic needs, in fact, he also pays attention to the appearance of the product, wants to be cool, can promote his personality, it is best to have a full turn back when you are out of the street. of. Then, at this point you can recommend a Lutheran cool car to him and invite him to test ride and create a consumption scene. Sometimes, customers buy cars not only for practical purposes, but also for their inner psychological demands.

    The domestic consumer market is in the ascendant

    There are two main types of people who need to purchase electric bicycles. One is to use electric bicycles as a means of transportation, and it is hoped that the bicycles will be lighter and more labor-saving. The other is a cycling enthusiast who has a certain understanding of cycling. The electric assist bicycle compensates for the shortcomings of physical fitness and goes to higher and further places.

    In Europe, the share of commuter cars in electric power cities is even
    At present, the sports people are more willing to purchase electric bicycles. They have the basics of riding and have a certain understanding of sports bicycles. On the contrary, the current electric bicycle market lacks high-quality, high-quality products. Limit the consumption of such people.

    With the strict control of electric bicycles by the national government, the new national standard of electric vehicles and the compulsory certification of electric vehicles 3C, the over-standard electric vehicles and modification market will gradually fade away, and standardized management will bring new vitality to the market.

    If you are in the field of sports, there are more products with high performance below 10,000 yuan in the market. In the field of commuting, there are more electric bicycles with the same appearance and reliable performance as Lutheran. We have reason to believe. There will be more and more people in the country who choose electric bicycles.

    In general, although domestic electric bicycles are currently unable to replicate the legendary growth of the European market, there are a large number of potential demand users and strong industrial manufacturing capabilities. In recent years, the country has begun to standardize the management of electric bicycles and electric bicycles, and major enterprises are also frequently following up. As the public's awareness of electric bicycles has gradually deepened, the spring of electric bicycles is coming quietly.